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Life Insurance Jargons: Yet Another 10 Commonly Used Terminologies Explained Simply

fidentiaX in Medium - The jargons that are simplified in this article are based on the feedback of the previous article. In case the terminology that you requested to be simplified doesn’t feature here, Sumit Ramani, our Chief Actuary will do another article to address them soon. Do leave your feedback and questions in the comment section in the link below.

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fidentiaX T-Shirt Design Contest — Finalist

Community Event - We thank the community for the amazing response for our T- Shirt Design Contest. The team has gone through all the submissions and here are the final 5. Vote for your favourite t-shirt design by 14 August 2018!

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Life Insurance Jargons: 10 Commonly Used Terminologies Explained Simply

fidentiaX in Medium - Life Insurance is considered amongst the most complex business. I have heard many jokingly say that it is because of actuaries the business looks complicated. The article makes 10 most commonly used life insurance terminologies easy to understand.


Participating Endowment or Whole Life Plans — which plan should I buy?

fidentiaX in Medium - Insurance is a complicated topic and being spoilt for choices doesn’t help much! We, as potential policyholders, are often faced with a situation when we are required to choose one insurance plan from several available in the market.

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fidentiaX T-Shirt Design Contest

Community Event - Get your creative juices going and design a T-Shirt for the fidentiaX Team! We will be wearing your design to Invest Fair 2018, where your design will be seen by more than 10,000 attendees!


Participating Endowment or Investment Linked Plans — which plan is better?

fidentiaX in Medium - Most insurance companies would sell both Participating Endowment (more commonly known as Endowment Plans in Singapore market) and Investment Linked Plans because they both cater to different needs and risk profiles. This article dissects the two insurance plans.


Should I ride on riders or get rid of them?

fidentiaX in Medium - Riders, in simple terms, are the supplementary benefits added in the primary life insurance contract and come at an additional premium. Some of the common riders that come along with life insurance contracts in Singapore market include rider for Critical Illness (CI) and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). Riders can come handy for enhancing protection against unfortunate events like CI and TPD.

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fidentiaX receives highly coveted acknowledgement as one of the TOP 25 Emerging Tech Solution Providers 2018

Press Release - SINGAPORE, June 27, 2018,— fidentiaX, the World’s 1st marketplace for tradable policies powered by the blockchain technology, has been named among the Top 25 Emerging Tech Solution Providers 2018 by the distinguished CIO Advisor Magazine. The recognition comes as a result of fidentiaX’s sustained efforts to leverage the latest technologies and utilize their innovative capabilities to develop an efficient, secure, transparent and active market for tradable policies.

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Should I pay for my insurance policy on a monthly or yearly basis?

fidentiaX in Medium - Let’s assume that you have funds to pay annual premiums and have the luxury to choose between any one of the modes. In this scenario, which mode you should choose and why? You are in luck; this article gives you ammunition to make the decision!

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Blockchain in (Re)insurance at India Fellowship Seminar

fidentiaX in Medium - The seminar hosted close to 100 qualified and nearly-qualified actuaries from India and overseas representing insurers, reinsurers, consultants and the regulator. Sumit spoke on Blockchain in (Re)insurance and how fidentiaX is leveraging on Blockchain to set-up marketplace for the tradable insurance policies. Given the target audience, the talk was structured to explain the basic concepts of Blockchain and then delve into applications of it in the insurance and reinsurance world.

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Demystifying Participating Endowment Policies

fidentiaX in Medium - In this third instalment of our Education Series, our Chief Actuary Sumit Ramani,demystifies Endowment policies. Endowment policies are insurance policies that has an inherent cash value. Endowment policies is one type of policy that will be tradable on the fidentiaX marketplace in the future.

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WHY do individuals surrender their insurance policies and HOW can they get a higher surrender value?

fidentiaX in Medium - This article touches on why two individuals decided to surrender their insurance policy and how they manage to extract a higher value from their policies through fidentiaX.

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Coming of age of Tradable Life Insurance Market

fidentiaX in Medium - In this third instalment of our Education Series, our Chief Actuary speaks on the growing Tradable Life Insurance Market....

 Fabian Pan

fidentiaX new COO - Fabian Pan

fidentiaX in Medium - fidentiaX has appointed Fabian Pan as our Chief Operation Officer (COO). Fabian started his banking career in United Overseas Bank (UOB) as a Wealth Manager before moving up to HSBC Premier providing Wealth Management Solutions to High Net Worth Clients...

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How fidentiaX Manages to Offer Better Deals to Sellers and Buyers?

fidentiaX in Medium - While we are yet to launch the Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies, fidentiaX has already helped its first customer realize a higher value from his life insurance policy. The customer was delighted to sell his contract at a higher value than surrender value offered by the insurer. However, he wondered how we managed to offer higher value...

 fidentiaX Official KYC Partner

fidentiaX Official KYC Partner

fidentiaX in Medium - We are glad to announce our official partnership with fidentiaX will be utilising and integrating’s decentralised Know Your Customer (KYC) network and other services that will be available in Q4, 2018.’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, Dan Poh, is also part of FidentiaX’s Board of Advisors...

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fidentiaX’s Marketplace: Development Update 12th March

fidentiaX in Medium - It has been slightly less than 5 months since we shared fidentiaX’s vision of building the World’s 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies powered by Blockchain Technology. With the support of our community, we successfully raised funds for the project through our Crowd Token Contribution (CTC aka ICO) in Dec 2017...

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InsurTechs - the new fuel for insurance industry!

fidentiaX in Medium - It is only in the recent times that people don’t raise eyebrows if you use the words “insurance” and “exciting” in the same sentence. Thanks to the clever use of technology and data science by the insurance industry to solve real-life problems for instilling zing to the business. The conference I was speaking...

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fidentiaX will be featured on FOX Business News!

fidentiaX in Medium - The award-winning Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. television series will explore advances in blockchain technology as it relates to the life insurance industry. The episode is scheduled to air 3Q 2018 on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more information. Today, individuals and corporates are viewing insurance...

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fidentiaX (fdX)란 무엇인가? (Korean Introductory)

fidentiaX in Medium - fidentiaX가 지향하는 비전은 블록체인 기술을 활용해서 일반대중을 위한 보험상품 마켓플레이스 및 보관소를 만드는 것이다. 블록체인 기반 마켓플레이스는 현 체제를 뒤엎는 무신뢰(트러스트리스), 불가역성, 감사가능, 투명성을 갖춘 환경을 제공하게 된다. fidentiaX 플랫폼은 회원전용제로 운영되며 연회비는 fdX 토큰으로 납부 가능하다. 수집된 토큰은 모두 소비된다...

 fidentiaX and iXledger

Press Release: fidentiaX and iXledger Announce Initiatives to Benefit Stakeholders of Both Marketplaces

fidentiaX in Medium - fidentiaX, the World’s 1st Marketplace for Tradable Policies powered by blockchain technology, together with iXledger, a ground-breaking alternative marketplace for reinsurers, insurers and brokers to trade insurance products directly, are pleased to share the initiatives between the two disruptive marketplaces...

 what is fidnetiaX

What is fidentiaX (fdX)?

fidentiaX in Medium - fidentiaX’s vision is to create a marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses by leveraging on blockchain technology. This blockchain-powered marketplace will provide a trustless, immutable, auditable and transparent environment to disrupt the status quo. fidentiaX’s platform is a members-only platform that has an annual membership fee...


7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Holding Tradable Insurance Policies in Your Portfolio

fidentiaX in Medium - Tradable life insurance policies are insurance policies that policyholders can sell to third-party buyers who want to add life insurance policy exposure to their investment portfolio. Tradable life insurance policies can include endowment, whole life, universal life, key-man, and investment-linked insurance, among others...

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How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Insurance Policyholders and Buyers

fidentiaX in Medium - Blockchain technology first appeared in 2008 when a pseudonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto published a whitepaper titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ in which he detailed how financial transactions can be conducted using an online peer-to-peer network without the need for financial intermediaries...


What Are Tradable Insurance Policies and How Can You Invest in Them?

fidentiaX in Medium - When a life insurance policyholder wants to voluntarily terminate their policy they have the option to sell their policy to a third-party buyer instead of simply surrendering their policy back to the insurer that they purchased it from. Such life insurance policies, which can include whole life, universal life, endowment and investment-linked life insurance...

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Who is fidentiaX and How Will it Disrupt the Insurance Market?

fidentiaX in Medium - Singapore-based fidentiaX is building the world’s first marketplace for tradable life insurance policies with the aim to disrupt the multi-trillion dollar life insurance market. The fintech startup is leveraging blockchain technology to create a platform that will allow life insurance policyholders to sell their policies to third-party buyers...

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Singapore’s Roadmap for a leading Global Financial Centre in Asia — Insurance Blockchain

fidentiaX in Medium - On the 30th of October 2017, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) releases it’s industry transformation map (ITM) for financial services, which outlined growth strategies by business lines, programmes for upgrading skills, and an agenda for continuous innovation and technology adoption...

 fDX exchange listing

UPDATES - fDX exchange listing

fidentiaX in Medium - As part of the community update, we have been working on getting fDX listed on exchanges. There will be more to come as we seek to bring greater access to our community. For now, you will find that we have already place fDX on the EtherDelta platform. Our tokens are locked till the end of the crowd token contribution...


fidentiaX Token Sale Guide

fidentiaX in Medium - In co-operation with Blockchain Zoo, fidentiaX is building a blockchain-powered marketplace that will tokenize existing insurance policies to turn them into easily tradable instruments in a market that brings together life insurance policyholders, investment managers, and private individuals who want to gain access to this alternative asset class...

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Tradable insurance on the blockchain. Why we should think about it… Part 2 of 2

fidentiaX in Medium - Let’s get stuck in from the previous article. If we refer to the barriers of entry for the adoption of tradable insurance on chain (the pain), it will be as follows. Each of these areas can be drilled even deeper into subsections. But I will try to answer them from a broader point of view. We are most happy to discuss everything in detail...

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Tradable insurance on the blockchain. Why we should think about it. Part — 1 of 2

fidentiaX in Hacker Noon - So, I began writing this after our introduction to the community. We really appreciate the support from the media and the people that have voiced their support and their opinions on fidentiaX. I spoke to Alvin (co-founder) and it seems as if we were jogging down memory lane to when it all began and why we even wanted to do this in...